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Mary Sue or OC-3 by kiyuomi Mary Sue or OC-3 by kiyuomi
I\'ll add a real description sometime soon...
Edit: I have no time to spare. OH WELL. Guess you'll have to put up with this crappy description anyway...
1) This is known as the angsty Sue. The angsty Sue is pretty much fantastical at everything… but can’t accept. Nope, none. She is full of depression, and is full of being sexy and covered in ‘hot’ battle scars. She is full of some sort of horrible past and is probably equipped with twenty mental illnesses and some disaster in her life that her loved one helps her out. The only problem is that she becomes a stupid brainless chick when she’s with her loved one. It’s like, “I’m totally badass” and then the guy comes along and she’s all like, “OMG! My life sucks, comfort me~” and starts bursting out crying at every little thing that she could normally hide or defeat. She also has many powers or extraordinary things that is limited to her or an advanced level of something available in her world, only that she is the only one who can use it as well as she does. She usually kills a bunch of people and there is always a bitch who hates her, and she goes sobbing to her boyfriend about it, who the bitch loves, and then gives up on the perfectly normal REAL person for the angsty Sue. NO, please, oh my god the sueness… I can’t take it!
2) The middle Sue is a Mary Sue very few people consider a Mary Sue, but she has similar build-up to a Mary Sue, too full of problems or too perfect to the point that it doesn’t correspond to the story or messes it up so much. May also include OCs that are barely there but end up super awesome. WTF?! Basically, this Plain Jane Mary Sue is the Sue that is so full of flaws people only read her fic to Lol at her life. A Plain Jane is nothing above the ‘average’, or a failing girl with no talents and absolutely no positive things in her life. No deaths ever occur, she is not dramatic, and she can’t handle even the smallest of problems. NO. Characters should have a good build-up. People learn to draw, to sing, to make music, to dance, to read and not to fail every class, even some people learn good social skills. It’s non-realistic for a girl who is so ‘plain’ and so full of flaws and emptiness that it makes no sense.
3) The final Sue is the one that many people fail to catch, the Sweetie Pie Sue. This Sue is the one that people all go ‘D’awww’ for and fall in love with, but these are actually Mary Sues. Dressed in bright ‘kiddy’ colors, these Sweetie Pies are often very young and full of naivety, but are constantly protected by an older person or a love interest. This type of Mary Sue is often the younger sibling of a character, who acts very cold or is the ‘bishie’ of a story line, many fans (mostly fangirls) don’t realize the Mary Sue because they wish to see a more ‘vulnerable’ or ‘cute’ side of these types of characters. This girl or boy is often sucked into something that relates to their siblings or love interests and is often in ‘princess’ mode, or constantly saved for their totally awesome powers. More often than not, they are represented by some totally rare and holy being, like a rabbit or angel.

The bottom half shows three types of girls, one who has very good grades who wears a school uniform, another who scores a school record and the third is an alien. These are NOT Mary Sues for a reason that many people blur the line between Mary Sues and OCs:
Mary Sues are an OVERLOAD or UNDERLOAD of details and place in the plot. The OC should affect this story enough to alter the plot slightly and interact with the majority of characters, as well as develop a nice strong relationship with one character after time. They should live in correspondence with their universe, as the first two girls: One does sports, which is entirely common, and the other studies very hard but has their own flaws. The third girl is a magic using one, but her story is in a universe of magic users, so it makes sense and is only fair. If she didn’t use magic, or had a super magic available to another tribe only, then she could be considered a Mary Sue. A character should have people maintaining relationships as it was in the original storyline, people always change and some relationships can break, but your Mary Sue can’t be the perfect angle or the worst devil or so plain no one cares, yet maintains the love of every one except that one person who the others all turn on because of you.
Mary Sues are people who are unbelievable or false. They will not maintain a true personality and true flaws or goals, as it constantly flexes in order to make the character fit perfectly in any situation. An interesting character that is NOT a Mary Sue is a character that has some skills, some weaknesses, is basically around the same level of the group. She/he can be weaker or stronger, but not by an infinity length. They can be strong enough to defeat twenty people at once, but they shouldn’t do something like destroy 5000 people then collapse into a spiral of diseases out of weakening from attack, and have prince charming show a caring compassionate side only you know and have passion with you. It doesn’t happen. No one wants sex with a mate who will puke on them in the middle. 
Oh yeah, and this will probably be the final. Who knows?
Done in paint and boredom
I hate mouse.
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nothinimportant Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Lol. Number two sounds like me. I have never gotten a compliment in my life. Not even by my mom... Actually when I lost a few pounds she says you're still heavy but keep it up. So i guess not.
kiyuomi Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Well, you have nice art, so that could be considered a talent. Someone that's like... I don't know...
"I get Fails in every sport, subject and I am soooo clumsy! I have absolutely no friends at all and am suicidal! But I also have a mental disease, but I have to be pitied and normal, so I live at home with 50 diseases and like, 10 cancers"
This is the part where you face-palm. COMBO 2X!
nothinimportant Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
yeah that seems more like a mary sue.
kiyuomi Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012
And don't worry, you seem really great~
nothinimportant Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012
thanks and do you mean me or my characters? XD I took a test for them.
kiyuomi Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012
Both I suppose~
Mary Sue dislikes for all~
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